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Roof Cleaning & Treatments

Watsons Windows & GSM External Cleaning Services provide professional roof cleaning and treatment services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland.


Our Roof Cleaning Services

Many concrete and clay tiles in the UK suffer with unwanted moss, lichens & algae growth, Great British weather, eh. Most typically appear to be worse on the north-facing side of your roof, this happens because it's usually the most shaded area. Moss, lichens and algae thrive in damp and shaded areas. If left untreated, these can potentially harm your roofing system. The root system of the moss gradually loosens the surface and retains a lot of moisture, which adds unnecessary weight to your roof. Additionally, the semi-permanent moisture encourages the emergence of corrosive salts. The release of these chlorides can contribute further to the porosity of the roof tiles and therefore weakens them. In the winter months, moisture the moss has retained will freeze and thaw, which can also cause deterioration of the roof material.

Cleaning and treatments increase the longevity of the building material along with maintaining the appearance and value of the property. Our roof cleaning service will bring your roof back to its former glory and by removing debris, which contributes to other house maintenance jobs such as blocked gutters/drains, this will benefit your property greatly. Our treatment, Biocide is specifically formulated to target remaining moss and mould growth on a variety of external mineral surfaces while being friendly to the environment.

We have the cleaning equipment, technology and expertise to meet your roof cleaning requirements. Read more below about our steps and how we complete the job at hand.


Step 1

Book yourself in for a free no obligation quote and if you are happy for us to go ahead, we arrange a date for your roof clean. Depending on the size of job at hand, we arrange for the necessary equipment such as scaffolding to be delivered and set up either the day before or morning of your appointment. 

Step 2

After all the correct access equipment is set up to prevent accidents and damage to the roof. The next step is to eliminate the moss on the roof. We do this by;


Scraping - the moss from roof tiles, valleys and chimney stacks.


Steam - Which can be used on certain roof materials. 


Step 3

The third step is clean up time! We clear all the loose moss and debris from the roof, to the roof valleys and guttering system. Followed by the use the high powered SkyVac System to clear everything up. All moss and debris will be collected and taken away for disposal.

Step 4

The final step to our process is to apply a Biocide treatment to target the remaining moss and mould spores. Which, left untreated will simply grow back. There-fore cleaning moss by scraping or steam alone can actually make matters worse. It is helpful to think of the roof cleaning process more in terms of kitchen hygiene. You can wipe with a damp cloth but to sanitise the surface you need to use an anti-bacterial spray. That's what Biocide is formulated to do; kill the remaining spores and roots unseen by us embedded in the porous surface of the roof. 

image2 (2).jpeg

Experience & Expertise

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience from a variety of exterior cleaning jobs for our residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland. 

We use Biocide treatment on all our jobs to ensure your surfaces remain in the best condition possible and helps prevent moss or any other biological growth from coming back for a longer time than if you were to only pressure wash. Which could actually cause moss come back worse than before.

We collect all debris and take with us for disposal. Our quality of work speaks for itself, with many customers coming back to us for further work year after year.

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