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Watsons Windows & GSM External Cleaning Services provide professional external cleaning services and treatments to both residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland.

Sun Room

Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory roofs are a breeze with our water fed pole system and made much safer too. Safety of our cleaners and your property is important to us. 

Solar Panels

Water Fed Pole system is perfect for jobs such as this. No need for ladders as our poles can reach up to 40ft while we remain safely on the ground. Our naturally purified water dries clear so you can be rest assured the efficiency of your solar panels if anything should improve from being cleaned. 

Solar Panels
Empty Kitchen

Flat Glass Roofs

All those tricky places we struggled to reach on ladders and occasionally couldn't do at all. Well with our Water Fed Pole System we can reach just about anything and all safely from the ground. Our naturally purified water gets to work on your glass roofs breaking down years of built up dirt and grime in minutes. Drying crystal clear and bringing natural light to your property.

Warehouse/Unit Exterior

Warehouses and industrial units can end up covered in all sorts of dirt and grime. Cleaning and treatments will help improve the curb appeal whilst maintaining the longevity of your property and exterior materials. Our professional service is second to none with many customers returning year after year.

Industrial Building
Brick Walls

Brickwork, Metal Gates & Garage Doors

Brickwork looking a little worse for wear? Our specialised tools and treatments will work magic and bring them all back to new in no time. Gentle cleaning and our water fed pole system is great for maintaining metal gates and garage doors.

Orangeries & Greenhouses

With our water fed pole system we are able to clean all glass, top to bottom and all safely from the ground. Greatly reducing the risk of damage. Our naturally purified water is biodegradable and harmless to your plants, animals and environment. 

Picking Grapes

Experience & Expertise

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience from a variety of pressure washing jobs, cleaning all kinds of exterior surfaces, for our residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland. 

Our pressure washer uses a completely controllable pressure so we can adjust to suit more fragile surfaces. 

We use Biocide treatment on all our jobs to ensure your surfaces remain in the best condition possible and helps prevent moss or any other biological growth from coming back for a longer time than if you were to only pressure wash. Which could actually cause moss come back worse than before.

We collect all debris and take with us for disposal. Our quality of work speaks for itself, with many customers coming back to us for further work year after year.

Purified Water

Otherwise known as pure water window cleaning and deionised water.


Ordinary tap water is full of minerals. Some of these minerals remain on the window when the water evaporates. Leaving behind stains and spotting.

This is why the water we use is purified using filters and resins, making use of natural processes like reverse osmosis and deionisation to remove all the impurities to prevent this. And, because this is a natural process with no harsh chemicals, we have greatly reduced our eco-footprint.

We can use this water to clean glass, window frames, fascias & soffits, conservatory roofs more effectively. Purified water dries crystal clear so there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. 

We test our water using a TDS meter to ensure the water is reading between 0-7 ppm (parts per million) for it to be able to dry clear on your windows.

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