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Window Cleaning Services

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Window Cleaners

Monthly Reliable Service

Our team provide high quality, friendly and reliable monthly service window cleaning for our residential and commercial customers, throughout Northumberland. Interior and builder clean services are also available.

Our Reach & Wash system ensures we can tackle just about anything when it comes to windows! 

Reach & Wash Water Fed System

Safety of our window cleaners is a priority and this system allows for that. The Reach & Wash Telescopic Poles, minimises our need for ladders, meaning the risk of injury and damage to property is greatly reduced.

The Telescopic Pole allows us to reach windows of heights up to 40ft and those difficult to reach windows we struggled to get to safely on ladders, such as Velux's and Flat Rooflights. We are able to afford our customers more privacy in their homes as we remain safely on the ground. 

This system brings up amazing results not only on your windows but sills, frames and doors which are all included in our monthly cleaning service. Windows stay clean for longer, thanks to the naturally purified water and also enables us to clean windows in the rain!

Eco-Friendly as our purified water is completely harmless to your property, garden and the environment (see more info below).

Purified Water

Otherwise known as pure water window cleaning and deionised water.


Ordinary tap water is full of minerals. Some of these minerals remain on the window when the water evaporates. Leaving behind stains and spotting.

This is why the water we use is purified using filters and resins, making use of natural processes like reverse osmosis and deionisation to remove all the impurities to prevent this. And, because this is a natural process with no harsh chemicals, we have greatly reduced our eco-footprint.

We can use this water to clean glass, window frames, fascias & soffits, conservatory roofs more effectively. Purified water dries crystal clear so there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. 

We test our water using a TDS meter to ensure the water is reading between 0-7 ppm (parts per million) for it to be able to dry clear on your windows.

Experience & Expertise

First established in Hexham, 2014. It all began from walking around my local village, ladders on my shoulder to having the need for a small team of local lads to manage our ever growing customer base and expanding to cover other exterior cleaning services. I think this speaks volumes to the standard of work we provide and why, we are your friendly neighbourhood window cleaners! Over the years we have gained a lot of experience from a variety of jobs and cleaning all kinds of windows, for our residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland. You can relax knowing our team takes great pride in our work, service and planet.

How Our Service Works

- Free Quote

- Monthly Window Cleaning incl. frames, sills & doors - same date each month (depending on weather/Sunday)

- Our Payslip will be posted to let you know we have been that day

- You can pay using; online banking or cash

- Please use your address as bank payment reference


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