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Caravan & Lodge Revival

Watsons Windows & GSM External Cleaning Services provide professional caravan & lodge exterior cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland.


Caravans and Static Caravans

We use eco-friendly treatments, the water fed pole system and low pressure washing to bring your Caravans, Static Caravans, Lodges, etc. back to life. From top to bottom! 

 We opt for this technique, instead of high pressure washing as this can cause damage. Our treatments are specifically designed to give a much longer-lasting result.

Wooden Lodges

Wooden Cabins, Lodges and structures are beautiful but the weather affects them too, time can cause mildew and dirt build up. We can bring your wood back to life with our gentle cleaning process. We use eco-friendly treatments and low pressure power washing to revive your beautiful wood. We opt for this technique, as high pressure can cause damage to your wood and cause problems in the future.

Our biocide treatment is specifically designed for gentle removal of mould and mildew. We clean everything up and take any mess away to dispose of, leaving you to enjoy hassle free. We are able to clean wooden structures like wigwams, pergolas and wooden playgrounds etc.

Our advice after your wood is clean and has dried off - is it would be beneficial to repaint, stain and/or seal the wood. If bare wood is left untreated, it’s more susceptible to things such as rot and infestation. 

Cabins in Wood

Experience & Expertise

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience from a variety of pressure washing jobs, cleaning all kinds of exterior surfaces, for our residential and commercial customers throughout Northumberland. 

Our pressure washer uses a completely controllable pressure so we can adjust to suit more fragile surfaces. 

We use Biocide treatment on all our jobs to ensure your surfaces remain in the best condition possible and helps prevent moss or any other biological growth from coming back for a longer time than if you were to only pressure wash. Which could actually cause moss come back worse than before.

We collect all debris and take with us for disposal. Our quality of work speaks for itself, with many customers coming back to us for further work year after year.

Purified Water

Otherwise known as pure water window cleaning and deionised water.


Ordinary tap water is full of minerals. Some of these minerals remain on the window when the water evaporates. Leaving behind stains and spotting.

This is why the water we use is purified using filters and resins, making use of natural processes like reverse osmosis and deionisation to remove all the impurities to prevent this. And, because this is a natural process with no harsh chemicals, we have greatly reduced our eco-footprint.

We can use this water to clean glass, window frames, fascias & soffits, conservatory roofs more effectively. Purified water dries crystal clear so there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. 

We test our water using a TDS meter to ensure the water is reading between 0-7 ppm (parts per million) for it to be able to dry clear on your windows.

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